Apple reportedly readying fix for one of the most infuriating iPhone 5s bugs

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Apple reportedly readying fix for one of the most infuriating iPhone 5s bugs
AppleInsider's source could not confirm whether this important iPhone 5s bug fix is set to be included in Apple's upcoming iOS 7.1 update, which BGR exclusively revealed will be released sometime next month, or whether it will be released in a …
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Apple issues fix for critical SSL flaw in iPhone, Mac
A critical vulnerability in the way the iOS and OS X operating systems validate SSL certificates means that users of Apple smartphones, tablets and laptops have been vulnerable to "man in the middle" attacks. Researchers say that the flaw has been …
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Broken Android – Space Sirens

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“Space Sirens” music video by Broken Android ( Video story written and directed by Matteo Zanetti Starring Andrea Ewalefo Special …
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Live: Saturday – Qualifying

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Live: Saturday – Qualifying
04:55 BEN ANDERSON: "About to head trackside with EDD STRAW to see what we can learn about the relative performance of the cars as they prepare for qualifying." Sebastian Vettel 04:43 We suspect this is a trick of camera angle making it look like …

NCAA Champion Gillespie pays visit to Danbury's Beast Training Wrestling Club
DANBURY — It's not every day an NCAA wrestling champion breezes through town, so the members of Danbury's Beast Training Wrestling Club weren't about to miss their opportunity to learn from one. Gregor Gillespie, the 2007 NCAA champion at the 149 …
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American Impressionism story told at Monet gardens
As the Impressionist style fired the imaginations of Americans in Boston, Philadelphia and New York, American artists not only flocked to and colonized Giverny to learn the techniques of outdoors painting, light and color, but went back home with their …
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