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Computer scam reported in area
The way this scam works is that hackers are calling people on the phone and posing as a contractor for Microsoft. The hackers usually allege that they have received information that the person's computer has a virus and they would like to repair the …
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Don Robart takes leave from state job while computer investigation continues
The move comes after Ohio Democrats criticized Husted for not removing his fellow Republican when allegations arose Wednesday that Robart used his City Hall computer for campaign work and to view pornography. “As the chief election official in the …
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Heartbleed Internet bug update: Don't assume you're safe
Information about whether routers are vulnerable — and how to fix them — are located deep within the websites of Apple, D-Link and Netgear. Rick Dakin … Heartbleed isn't a computer virus that automatically gets deleted by your computer's antivirus …
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Saudi Arabia sacks health chief as MERS cases surge
Saudi Arabia announced the removal of its health minister today as its count of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cases surged by 17, following 20 new cases over the weekend, for a total of 37 cases and 6 deaths in 3 days. Twenty …
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'Star Wars' past and present mix for 'Episode VII'

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'Star Wars' past and present mix for 'Episode VII'
(These are) people who can fill into any role they need to and who won't be recognized for something they've done that will take audiences out of the movie," says Eric Geller of the Star Wars fan site But fans were also excited when Lucas …
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Don't Type! Pinch and Swipe the Air Instead
Microsoft Research has already come up with a prototype keyboard “sensing rich and expressive motion gestures performed both on and directly above the device,” according to a research paper presented at the Computer Human Interaction 2014 …
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smiley virus attack

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smiley virus attack

funny isammy interview the 2nd coming soon.
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Online scams and computer viruses are one the rise. In this 21-minute presentation, Robert Wimer, author of the book “NOT AGAIN! How the Online ‘Bad Guys’ Ge…

Heart Bleed Virus Test: Bug Update – Test Websites Before Changing Security

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Heart Bleed Virus Test: Bug Update – Test Websites Before Changing Security
However, now there is a virus test that can help users detect whether a specific website has updated itself to eliminate the bug, and if so users would have the green light to change their passwords and update their security measures to protect themselves.
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Clarence Page: Politics of race not going away anytime soon
As an African-American speaking to a group that conservatives love like they love the Ebola virus, his remarks sounded like a black-oriented version of what liberals would call a racially coded "dog whistle" if it had come from right-wing whites. What …
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Claudia Buck: Computer users must be extra alert
It's been an unnerving week for computer users, starting with Microsoft's announcement that it would no longer offer security upgrades, technical help and other protections for those running Windows XP. And for almost everyone else, there … Earlier …
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Tech Tips: Add 2nd Layer of Protection

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Tech Tips: Add 2nd Layer of Protection
It won't help if someone steals your laptop, but it'll prevent others from using your password on their machines. If you're logging in at a library or other public computer, remember to reject the option to bypass that check next time. The second piece …
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Superconducting Qubit Array Points the Way to Quantum Computers
“The intrinsic physics of control and coupling won't have to change but the engineering around it is going to be a big challenge.” The unique configuration of the group's array results from the flexibility of geometry at the superconductive level …
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Liz Cambage won't play for Tulsa Shock this season
To the surprise of almost no one, Liz Cambage won't be returning to play for the Tulsa Shock in 2014. The 6-foot-8 Australian plans to stay home for the summer and practice with her national team for the upcoming FIBA World Championships in Turkey.
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