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Stonewall spelling bee finalist: 'I won't forget it'
Ankita, a seventh grader at Stonewall Middle School in the Manassas area, was one of 46 spellers who qualified for the semifinal rounds, based on two on-stage rounds of spelling Wednesday and scores of computer-based spelling and vocabulary tests …
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A Rom-Com Path Less Traveled
As I wrote, I kept thinking, 'Well, this won't be a thing,' ” by the time the film comes out, Ms. Robespierre said. “But I feel … “If you'd have seen my work computer, you'd have thought I was having an abortion a day,” she said. She sent a draft to …
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Yes Men: 5 Reasons Why Corporate Projects Fail
Providian Trust CEO Stephen Walsh thought he had nothing to worry about with a $ 22 million computer upgrade he authorized. … Audits won't necessarily find the mistakes. … Listen and keep an open mind about what employees are telling you. They, too …
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Works of Georgia O'Keeffe's sister to be exhibited

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Works of Georgia O'Keeffe's sister to be exhibited
As she started researching her, the idea for the exhibit was born. The exhibit's works will mostly come from private collections across the country, Canterbury said, adding that she's been reading through correspondence to learn more about Ida O'Keeffe.
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Pickleball, it's the latest net success in Fairfield
All players agreed that the game is easy to learn, and a player's skills can advance quickly, which makes it even more fun. And the sport is good for seniors, Sullivan added, because of the exercise, the hand-eye coordination needed and memory …
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Wigan star's FA Cup medal stolen during burglary
If anybody has any information as to where my property is and can help the police return it to me, I would be very grateful." Greater Manchester Police said the break-in happened some … Detective Constable Kevin Telford said: "Understandably, Mr …
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Massive storm kills 1, leaves roads closed, homes powerless
Some residents in New Milford, Conn. were left without power… This house on Russeling Ridge Road in New Milford, Conn. was damaged by a falling tree after a rain storm Tuesday night, May 28, 2014. …. if a wire falls on your car, stay inside. Do not …
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Hackers target Internet Explorer web browsers

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Hackers target Internet Explorer web browsers
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Personal computer users have been in a quandary since the news broke that hackers have found a way into the Internet Explorer web browsers. The answer from the … "Unfortunately, there is no real good way to detect it," said …
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Better Business Bureau warns of scams targeting seniors
Computer Repair Scam – Swindlers call claiming to be from Microsoft or other companies' “tech support” departments, informing you that you have a computer virus and offers to fix it remotely, for a fee. Instead, he gains remote control access of your …
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Colombia elects president in scandal-tainted race

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Colombia elects president in scandal-tainted race
Zuluaga is also threatening to take a tougher stance on Venezuela, saying in a debate this week that he won't remain "silently complicit" as President Nicolas Maduro jails opponents and stamps out anti-government protests. Santos has been careful not …
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Soon-to-open Colorado Springs library blends technology, convenience
"You won't find any traditional materials on this floor," said Dee Vazquez Sabol, PPLD community engagement and outreach officer, of the facility's upper level. "We have the creative computer commons, which exists for the creation of content and using …
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Improved technology urged for credit cards
And the major breach of Target's computer systems in December, which involved the theft of 40 million debit and credit card numbers, along with smaller breaches at companies such as Neiman Marcus and Michaels, helped garner support for chip-based cards …
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