How the Cuckoo Wages an 'Evolutionary Arms Race'

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How the Cuckoo Wages an 'Evolutionary Arms Race'
The scientists used the latest in recognition technology from computer science to find out how eggs can differ in ways so finely tuned that even a mother won't be sure which ones are hers. The technology, which they call NaturePatternMatch, can detect …
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Sauce for the Gander
An investigation of your computers reveals no digital trail past the time that the IRS investigation of your firm began. An explanation is demanded. “Well, uh, you see sir, the computer … Those of us who have been audited know that this story is …
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Melissa McCarthy and Husband Ben Falcone Share about Living Simple Lives

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Melissa McCarthy and Husband Ben Falcone Share about Living Simple Lives
Their daughters even share a single room, and her Mac computer is not displayed for everyone to see, but is kept inside her closet instead. Share This Story … Delta, not quite thinking their tweet through, was forced to remove it from the website as …
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A new rose disease prevalent locally
Rose rosette disease (RRD), a disease believed to be caused by a virus, has been spreading through much of the wild rose population of the Midwestern, southern and eastern United States for years, and has now been confirmed in cultivated roses in …
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One-click test finds Gameover Zeus infections on PCs
The Gameover Zeus botnet has a peer-to-peer architecture with no single point of failure, so it's possible that its operators might attempt to regain control of it in the future. Because of this, users are advised to scan their computers and remove the …
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Protect yourself from cyber crime

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Protect yourself from cyber crime
In terms of volume, the top cyber crime type was in the category of computer virus/malware/spyware with 264 reports, followed by hacking, social media and e-mail with 148. Barrie Sheldon, deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia, said …
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The Best Ways To Avoid A Dropbox Phishing Attack
The Dropbox-related ransomware is akin to CryptoLocker, a trojan virus that targets files on computers specifically running the Windows OS, encrypting them using an RSA private cryptography key. The Dropbox ransomware, in particular, attempts to fool …
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In Celebration of National Internet Safety Month, Dr Sanjay Jain Provides Five
People don't open their doors to strangers who come knocking, so just as locks and security systems for the home have a valid place, so does having necessary protection so that strangers can't gain access to home computers. This month is National …

iPhone LCD Light broken

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Se hai un’ iPhone con l’LCD che funziona ma che non si illumina…

Farmville for iPhone

Click Here To Expand==== Farmville for iPhone was launched earlier today. Personally, I believe that this app is one year too late, but even so, it is st…
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Latest Computer Won’t Start News

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Prairie Talk: Tech land's a cold, cold place
She won't even touch the cell phone, tap the keyboard of the computer or use the telephone intercom. I've never figured out all the apps for my cell phone, which comes in handy to call if I'm later than Carol thinks I'll be in getting home. Only …
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A fresh take on frozen
This way the berries freeze separately and won't crush each other when you transfer them to a freezer bag or container. It also lets you use many or as few berries as you like without thawing out a whole package. Once they're frozen, transfer berries …
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Joe Gandelman: Seven deep thoughts on Iraq
There are more aspects to ponder so this list is just a beginning. P.S. to those who plan to email: My computer won't fit up there. Joe Gandelman is a veteran journalist and is editor-in-chief of The Moderate Voice, an Internet hub for independents …
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