VLOG 18/1/10 School sucks

Sep 30, 2014 | Posted by in iPhone Repair | 5 comments

VLOG 18/1/10 School sucks

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VLOG 27/1/0 iPad

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System seems stable but P95 fails. Why worry about it?>

Sep 26, 2014 | Posted by in Computer Repair Tips | 0 comments

System seems stable but P95 fails. Why worry about it?>
I know that this may cause BSOD or data loss etc. (which I haven't seen in 2 days) But I don't worry about that. …. That's not what I bought an aftermarket cooler for 🙁 Anyway do you think getting a better cooler than the one I have will help? Like …
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Home Loans: Mortgage Rates at Quicken Loans, Capital One Aug 25, 2014
Standard 30 year FRMs at Quicken Loans are coming out at 4.125% carrying an APR of 4.356%. Popular 15 year fixed rate loan interest rates are coming out at 3.25% with an APR of 3.669% today. 5/1 ARMs are listed at 2.99% at Quicken Loans and APR of …
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