Could Android forks water down the platform?

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Could Android forks water down the platform?
But soon, that won't be necessary. Soon, manufacturers will be shipping their own flavor of Android with their devices. There's a bit of a problem with forking. Although it sounds like a good idea at first, there are a number of roadblocks. First, and …
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Is This the End of Revenge Porn?
Considering the behemoth that Reddit has become, this is a massive turning of tides, where another nerdy corner of the Internet won't capitulate to the leering of creeps. After all, it doesn't take much to make you into a stalker or become the victim …
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Farnham sentencing won't be delayed for illness
As part of his plea, he admitted possessing 2,765 images found on his computers of children engaged in sex acts. He has since registered as a sex offender. Farnham's lawyers say he suffers from bladder cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. He remains on house …
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How to Remove Malware that Keeps Coming Back?

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How to Remove Malware that Keeps Coming Back?
A friend of mine has a malware (or a virus) on his computer and can't get rid of it. He has tried to download various malware removal utilities online (such as malwarebytes antimalware, etc), but his web browser appears to have been hijacked and …
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How to Remove RegClean Pro
RegClean Pro presents itself as a free system-optimization utility and registry cleaner that rids Windows PCs of system errors and stray files. But after its first scan, it asks you to upgrade to a paid version in order to have those "errors" fixed …
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#16 Learn Html – Table Part 3

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شرح كل ما يخص الجداول الجزء الثالث كيفية التحكم في الأعمدة و دمجها Colspan Rowspan Colgroup Col.

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Microsoft computer repair scam phone call

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Got a call tonight from “Microsoft” on how to repair our computer. My husband took the call and I caught it on tape. – Caller ID said “Church, L – 480-272-7237.

The Computer Repair Tools Needed To Start Your Business (Screencast) Don’t let your lack of state of the art equipment stop you from starting up your new IT business. Here are the basic comput…
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