Smart TVs an 'Inevitable' Path for Hackers to Attack Home PCs: Experts

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Smart TVs an 'Inevitable' Path for Hackers to Attack Home PCs: Experts
"As more people get these smart sets, we'll see a lot more hacking of TVs to get into the home computer network," said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum. "It's not a back-door or a side-door; it's a front door to your home network.

Everything We Know About Ukraine's Power Plant Hack
Then at some point, perhaps once operators became aware of the outage, the attackers “paralyzed the work of the company as a whole” with malware that affected PCs and servers, Prykarpattyaoblenergo wrote in a note to customers. This likely refers to a …
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Hospitals and national grid “will be hacked in 2016”
PKWARE, which invented the ZIP file compression standard, also predicted that ISIS will breach “a major corporation”, that a US presidential campaign will be hacked, and that there will be widespread cyber-attacks against US law enforcement. The …
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Gamers' Woe: Steam Suffers Mishap on Christmas to Expose User Information
Steam Database said the problem was not a DDoS attack or a hack. It was rather a misconfiguration in a Valve caching layer. The user website urged users not to store billing information on the Steam store. It said Valve has repeatedly proven it is …
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smiley virus attack

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smiley virus attack

funny isammy interview the 2nd coming soon.
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Online scams and computer viruses are one the rise. In this 21-minute presentation, Robert Wimer, author of the book “NOT AGAIN! How the Online ‘Bad Guys’ Ge…