Viruses stopping you in your tracks? Wondering where they came from?

In this Article we will outline the most commonly used tactics hackers use to get those pesky invaders into your computer even if you have an Anti-Virus Software.

In the past, a Viruses main purpose was to delete important system files that would prevent your computer from booting or operating correctly. Since around 2008, hackers found that they could profit from Infected Computers and changed their tactics. These tactics includes creating fake Software that would tell you that your computer was infected with several viruses and for a small fee, they would remove the Viruses for you. This of course is completely fake! If you are seeing these fake Software Programs installed on your computer, it’s unfortunately already to late. The Hackers Virus has already been installed on your computer and purchasing their service will NOT remove their Virus and you will be out of some hard earned cash. At this point, no Anti-Virus Program alone will remove this Virus and you will need professional assistance.

How do they get in your computer in the first place? It’s a simple tactic really. Hackers pay multiple websites or hack them to add a little line of code that will open up a popup that may say that you need to update your Java, Adobe Flash Player, etc. Interacting with this popup in anyway tells your computer and Anti-Virus Software that you are authorizing their Software to be downloaded into your computer. From there, it installs itself and expands to the point where it can disable your Anti-Virus Software and begin creating fake Infection Scanning Software. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? Press CTRL+ALT+Del and open up your Task Manager. Look in your Applications Tab and locate the name of the Popup Window. Press End Task and it will instantly go away.

Above explains the most common method Hackers intrude your computer but their’s another method that is greatly on the rise. There are a lot of websites that now offer a free download of a software you Google’d to download. Problem is, the file you are actually downloading is their Installer Software that will download your software but it will also download tons of Adware and Spyware that will quickly infest your computer! You can try to manually uninstall these software’s but chances are, they will be designed to still remain in your computer and reinstall itself. At this point, you will need professional assistance to completely remove them.

At Select Tronix Inc., we have developed a proprietary system that will completely eliminate these Viruses at a flat rate of $80. We will also toss in a free Tune-Up that will greatly optimize speed and performance and give you a little more bang for your buck.