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4 Ways To Extend Your Computer’s Lifespan

#1 - Turn Off Your Computer at Night

Keeping your computer on longer than necessary exposes your components to heat and dust, which can damage your RAM, hard drive, fans, motherboard, and power supply. Put your computer to sleep every night to substantially extend its lifespan. This will also reduce wear and tear on your Laptop Battery.

#2 - Defrag Your Hard Drive Regularly

If your computer doesn't have a Solid State Hard Drive, it is recommended that you defragment it at least once a month. This helps your computer access data faster and puts less strain on the Hard Drive thus extending its lifespan. A great software to use is Auslogics Disk Defragger. We prefer the older version 8.

#3 - Clean Out The Dust Bunnies

No matter how clean your environment is, dust will eventually accumulate in your computer's fans, leading to an increase in operating temperature or damage to its bearings. To prevent this, remove the side cover of your PC and use a can of compressed air or powered air compressor to thoroughly remove the dust from your power supply, fans, and small openings. If you're using a laptop, carefully apply light amounts of compressed air to the exhaust vents to remove any buildup. Be cautious while doing this, as you may back feed a dust bunny into the fan blades which can prevent it from moving and overheat the CPU. We recommend having this done by a professional once a year, along with the reapplication of thermal paste.

#4 - Upgrade to Solid State Components

Solid State drives have no moving parts. Unlike traditional hard drives, they consume less power and produce less heat, making them more efficient and reliable. At Select Tronix, we can upgrade your computer's hard drive to a Solid State drive, providing you with a cooler and better computing experience.


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