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Your Data Could Be Gone Today If You're Not Doing This!

As a technician, I encounter a common problem where customers bring in their computers with the complaint that it was working fine yesterday but won't boot today, often suspecting it is a virus. However, upon diagnostics, we find out that their Hard Drive has failed, which can result in the loss of essential data.

We try our best to retrieve any lost data, but it can be an arduous and sometimes fruitless process. One solution to avoid such a situation is to back up data onto another Hard Drive or the cloud, which is an affordable and convenient option these days.

For iPhones and iPads, upgrading to iCloud Storage can ensure daily backups, costing just $0.99 for 50GB or $2.99 for 200GB a month. This way, if you lose your device, you can easily restore all your backed-up data in under 45 minutes.
Alternatively, for iMacs and MacBooks, an external SSD drive can be used with the built-in Time Machine backup Utility.

Windows PCs can use Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive to backup data to the cloud, but it cannot produce a clone backup like Acronis True Image, now called Cyber Protect, which is an excellent option for Windows users.

I have been using Acronis True Image in my professional workplace since 2008 for data recovery, Hard Drive Cloning, and now Cyber Protect Cloud Backup. It is the preferred software among technicians and is easy for consumers to install and operate. Installing Acronis is a straightforward process that works right out of the box and can save you from a catastrophic data loss experience.

There are two versions available: Personal and Business. If you only need to protect one computer, then Personal is sufficient. However, if you run a business of any size and have multiple workstations and/or a Server, you need to opt for Business. To get started, click on the banner links below that best fit your requirements and enjoy some peace of mind.






Acronis Cyber Protect

If you require assistance with the installation of Acronis, here is a quick and easy 1/2 step-by-step guide :

Step #1

Step #2

If you require further assistance with the setup process, you can reach out to us via chat (located at the bottom right of your page) or call us at 904-849-1208. We would be more than happy to remotely assist you for a small fee.


    Carl Lindsey
    President / Lead Tech
    Select Tronix, Inc.
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