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Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier!

Have you ever wondered how some people can navigate through multiple programs, print with 2 buttons, recover accidentally deleted texts, or quickly save a file? Well, the answer is keyboard shortcuts!

There are many shortcuts available on a Windows computer that can make your life easier and save you time. Today, I will go over some of the most commonly used shortcuts that can speed up your tasks and even help you recover accidentally deleted text.

Control (CTRL) Key Shortcuts

Ctrl + A = Select All Text

Ctrl + B = Make selected text Bold

Ctrl + C = Copies selected text or file

Ctrl + F = Finds specific text in a file

Ctrl + I = Makes selected text Italic

Ctrl + N = Creates a new Program File

Ctrl + O = Opens a File

Ctrl + P = Prints your current page

Ctrl + R = Reloads your webpage

Ctrl + S = Saves the contents of files

Ctrl + T = Opens a new Browser Tab

Ctrl + V = Pastes previously copied text

Ctrl + Y = Redo and undone change

Ctrl + Z = Undo changes like erased text

Making use of these shortcuts will greatly improve how you use a Windows Computer. Ctrl + Z being extremely helpful in recovering accidentally deleted text in word! These are also very similar with Mac Computer except you replace the Ctrl key with the Command Key.

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