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My Device Took a Swim...Now What?

This week's article is inspired by our dearest 11-year-old whose new iPad found itself forgotten in the rain over the weekend. No, really, the whole weekend!

Since we see this a lot in our shop, I will review the dos and don’ts on the next steps when your electronic device(s) go for a swim.

Timing - This is the most critical. The faster you can get us your wet device, the better. Impurities in the water, mixed with the electrical current provided by the internal battery, make for a really fast-acting and expensive science project.

Rice - I’m going to bust this myth and hurt a lot of hearts here on this one. Rice will not fix your wet electronics and will only make matters worse for those of us who can. Rice is good for absorbing local moisture, but it is not a magic vacuum to the teaspoons of liquid trapped within your iPad. #SaveTheRice

Dry it in the Sun - While the concept isn’t horrible, you have to understand the laws of corrosion. When the water dries, the impurities concentrate and corrode at a faster rate. You must gain access to the internals to clean and remove the moisture before applying heat of 150F for 10 minutes. If all else fails, bring it to us, still wet, and save the rice for dinner.

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