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What Is The Cloud and Should I Use It?

This is a common one we get asked a LOT. What is the ‘Cloud’? What does it do? Is it Safe? Am I connecting to Alien Servers that want to hack my data? These are all important questions that we’ll simply and quickly address here in this article.

What is the ‘Cloud’? - The cloud is collection of computers called Servers that are designed to have 100% up time allowing you to access your data at any time and anywhere you need it.

Is the Cloud Safe? - Yes, it is completely safe to use well-known cloud servers such as Apple iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. These servers encrypt your data, ensuring that it is secure, and store it offsite away from Aliens. :)

Which Cloud Service should I use? - The short answer is it depends.

Google Drive - Great for personal use with budget friendly plans.

Dropbox - Great for Businesses that required advanced security and File Sharing Options.

Apple iCloud - A must have for Apple Devices allowing you to store most of your data on the cloud and less on your devices.

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