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Fernandina Beach, FL
420 - 800 usd / week
Fri, Sep 15, 2023
Full time


"To offer individuals and organizations a comprehensive source for

 all their computer and electronic retail, repair, and recycling needs."


Select Tronix is expanding and improving by remodeling our showroom and enhancing our systems. As a result, we are creating a new role that combines a Front Desk Representative with a Tier 1 Technician.

Our aim is to provide customers with a proficient contact person who is skilled in technical matters while also being able to handle basic repair tasks and reception duties.


  1. Confident, outgoing, and respectful personality. At our company, we take great pleasure not only in our work but also in the individuals we encounter on a regular basis. Our objective is to establish enduring connections and alleviate the stress caused by malfunctioning electronic devices. When clients entrust their devices to us for repair, they desire assurance that we are competent. This begins with their initial interaction with us.
  2. Have a passion for Computers and Electronics. It's crucial to emphasize that lacking passion for this field can make learning challenging, and this attitude may reflect on the customer experience. Our aim is to provide exceptional service to every customer, making them feel valued and appreciated for choosing us.
  3. Common Sense. It may seem comical to state this as a requirement, but over the years, we have learned that we can teach anyone what we do if they can come in the door with common sense.
  4. Ability to have fun. At ST, we are a close-knit family working together to achieve a common goal. Our aim is to help our co-workers improve and become the best version of themselves possible. By creating a fun and enjoyable workplace, we hope to spread positivity and enthusiasm to our customers.
  5. Ability to use Word and Excel. We don't expect you to be an expert in Office Suite, but we do ask that you communicate clearly and use proper grammar when interacting with clients through our ticketing portal or when submitting a device for repair. Our technicians need to understand the customer's issue accurately. For instance, if Customer XYZ has a laptop that's not turning on, instead of writing "HP won't power on," please provide a detailed explanation like "The computer fails to boot past the HP Logo after a Windows 10 update."
  6. Previous experience in the Field. While it is not required, having previous experience with electronics or having attended school for electronics can be beneficial during the onboarding process. However, we have also found some of our best employees to be self-taught. Qualifications will be taken into consideration when selecting candidates for this position.


  1. Ensuring clear and effective management of walk-in customers and phone calls.
  2. Assisting with Ticket Creation and Appointment Scheduling.
  3. Tier 1 Computer / Cell Phone / Tablets Basic Diagnostics & Repairs.
  4. Communicate well with other Technicians on repairs and items to be ordered.
  5. Ability to sell commissionable products within the Showroom.
  6. Maintaining a clean environment within the Store daily.
  7. Following up with Customers daily.
  8. Being punctual and proactive of your time.


Compensation & Work Schedule:

Starting Pay: $12 /hr plus Commissions / Bonuses / Tips

Our company offers a work-to-earn pay structure with incentives to reward hard work. Our base pay is $12 per hour, but you can earn more through commissions and bonuses. We don't pressure customers to buy, but when they do, you earn a percentage of the profits. For example, if you sell a 16" Macbook Pro, your average hourly pay for that day could increase from $12 to $26. We also offer individual and team bonuses for hitting sales goals. Technicians often receive tips, and we give you 10% of all tips collected on your paycheck as an incentive to provide a positive customer experience. Each year, we celebrate our team's hard work with an end-of-year party and bonus based on annual sales and time employed. We believe in generosity and rewarding those who help make our business possible.

Schedule: Monday – Friday: 9am-5:30pm

  1. Daily Meeting: 9am-9:15a - Review daily goals with management.
  2. Store Setup: 9:15am-10am - Checking / Returning Voicemails, SMS, and Emails. Update technicians based on messages received. Perform Opening Checklist
  3. Main Duties: 10am-5pm - Perform main duties.

End of Day: 5pm-5:30pm - Perform Closing Checklist

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