What is Grades-4-Cards?

As a small business with kids ourselves, we understand the importance of grade incentives and are always trying to come up with creative ways to encourage our children to do better in school. Since Pokemon has become increasingly popular in the younger generation, and we own over 20,000 of them, why not give some of them away for good grades?!

You may have heard the term Pokemon or Lorcana at some point and wondered what it was exactly. The simple answer is that they are Trading Cards, like sports cards, except that you can use them to play competitively with another person. Each character on the card has attack and defense abilities that can be used against the other player. Ever play the card game 'War'? In TCG (Trading Card Games) the strongest player wins...with a little strategy added to it.

So what's the catch? Sorry to disappoint, but there isn't one. We just love to give back! After every grading period, we'll open our Grades-4-Cards bin, FULL of Pokemon Cards, for 2 weeks allowing for kids K-12 to pick 1 card per A or B that they earned. We do ask that a parent or guardian be present to fill out a quick form so we know who's redeemed their grades. We do not need any personal information regarding your child except for a first name and the grades they're redeeming. We take that stuff seriously. :) Any questions, please reach out using the contact form below or give us a call @ 904-849-1208.

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