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How Protected Are You Really?

Just because hackers are smart doesn't mean you must be smarter to keep them out of your devices. Unlike most of my articles, I'll keep this one short, as its main purpose is to give you and those you share this with an easy-to-reference location for all you'll need to create a barrier between you and the rest of the world. For a more in-depth read on Hacks & Scams and their What, Why, and How, read my article: Protect against Fake Microsoft and Email Scams.

Regarding the third item on our list, Acronis, you will only need the Personal or Commercial Server Edition. Acronis is a Cloud Backup Software that can create a backup of your entire computer, allowing you to restore your data quickly even if your computer is stolen or doesn't power on. We highly recommend Acronis as it has saved countless businesses and baby pictures from accidental deletion or hard drive failure.

The installation process for Malwarebytes is very straightforward, whereas Acronis may prove to be more complex for beginners. However, once it is set up, it operates on Autopilot for life unless you change drives.

If you require assistance with the installation of any of these items, message us in the chat located on the bottom right of your screen, and we will connect you with one of our team members who can assist you remotely and by phone for a reasonable fee to cover our time away from inhouse repairs.

It's important to protect yourself as soon as possible to avoid ending up in a situation like Tom's.

**Don't be like Tom**

Experience the ultimate peace of mind of Acronis and indulge in late-night Facebook scrolling free of cyber threats by installing Malwarebytes Premium on all your Computers and Phones today! 


Here's What You'll Need to Create your Barriers 

1. Malwarebytes Browser Guard - Free

2. Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Virus Software

3. Acronis Cyber - (Personal Computer) 

3. Acronis Cyber - (Business Server)

Acronis Cyber Protect

    Carl Lindsey
    President / Lead Tech
    Select Tronix, Inc.
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