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Cardboard Gold Top Loaders w/ sleeves 25pk

Cardboard Gold Top Loaders w/ sleeves 25pk

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  • Superior Protection - Made of High Impact Next Generation Rigid PVC, these toploaders for cards provide superior protection compared to other products on the market today. Your cards will be safe from any damage.
  • Crystal Clear - The Cardboard Gold top loaders are crystal clear, allowing you to display your cards without any distortion or color change. You can enjoy the original, vivid colors of your cards.
  • Archival Safe - These top loaders are archival safe, meaning they will not damage your cards over time. You can store your cards for years without worrying about any deterioration.
  • Perfect Fit - Designed to hold a card that has been put into a soft sleeve first, these top loaders for cards provide a snug fit for your cards. They won't slide out or move around.
  • Brand New & Sealed - These top loaders come brand new and sealed in 25ct packages. You can trust the quality and condition of these Cardboard Gold top loaders.

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